SPB Foundation Frame

For placing boom applications with limited ground level access, where it’s not feasible to install a large gravity base concrete foundation with a cross frame, SCHWING America has introduced a new Foundation Frame for use with the Octagonal Mast. The Foundation Frame supports the vertical and horizontal loads at the base of the mast, while additional horizontal support is provided by an elevated floor frame and wedges. Once the second or third elevated slab is in place, the octagonal mast is easily unbolted from the foundation frame and raised to position for the next elevated slab pour.  The Foundation Frame is then easily removed with no need for a crane or heavy lift equipment.  The Foundation Frame is small, lightweight, and easy to install in base slabs. The ground slab can be of minimum 10.5” thickness, with the frame being secured with easily sourced Hilti HIT-HY two-part epoxied anchors.

The Foundation Frame Assembly can be ordered through SCHWING’s Spare Parts Department - Part number 98469326.