Dallas Decker - Decker Pumping LLC.

Dallas started out helping his brother with residential concrete work before moving towards commercial projects. From there, Dallas split off to start his own pumping company, Decker Pumping LLC. Today, Dallas owns five concrete pumps and has 12 employees. In the last year, Dallas purchased two brand new SCHWING pumps, the S 38 SX and the S 47 SX III.

Working with his salesman, Cole Richards, these pumps have the optional SCHWING harsh mix kit installed. The harsh mix kit allows Dallas to pump mixes that his competitors can’t touch; this allows him to stand out from the crowd. The SCHWING ownership experience has been great so far, with exceptional customer service. Dallas knows he can contact SCHWING with any issues and have them resolved immediately.

Dallas is slowly growing his business by emphasizing customer service, teamwork, and creating a family atmosphere.

Thank you, Dallas for choosing SCHWING – The Standard You Set!