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News & Stories


Pumping for Power

When working on two combined-cycle power plants, it is important to get the equipment necessary to finish the job efficiently, effectively, and safely. Located in Illinois, Jackson Generation Energy Center and Three Rivers Energy Center have both required several specialized pieces of equipment to complete the jobs. Read more


Pumping to the Four Winds

Risking overstatement, there’s not much that FA Wilhelm Construction cannot do. The contractor’s list of capabilities is seemingly endless, encompassing everything from carpentry to HVAC to plumbing to electrical to structural steel to, of course, concrete. It makes perfect sense then, that the Indianapolis-based company was called upon to head up a hotel project that, when complete, will be part of a casino — a casino that they’d also built several years back. Currently wrapping up the concrete facet of the job, Wilhelm has had outstanding success, utilizing a number of truck-mounted pumps as well as a Schwing S 39 SXD detachable unit which has served as the placing boom for the majority of the structure. As Wilhelm prepares to transition from the role of self-performing concrete contractor and begin tapping its other areas of expertise, they acknowledge that, despite pandemic-related setbacks, things could not have gone any smoother.

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Working in Tandem for Puerto Rico

From damage, devastation, and disruption, the island of Puerto Rico has experienced several types of destruction over the last 5 years. To rebuild anew, a foundation is needed. Brothers Regis and Emmanuel Colon know a thing or two about laying the groundwork both within their family and their work. Natives of the island of Puerto Rico, the brothers experienced the devastation firsthand.  Read more