A Tremendous Year: SCHWING America's Many Successes of 2023

New Leadership for a New Era

The year kicked off with a significant announcement – SCHWING America welcomed Johannes Schulze Vohren as its new CEO. Drawing from a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, technology, operations, and corporate administration, Schulze Vohren brought over two decades of success from esteemed companies in the construction equipment manufacturing sector. His track record at Wacker Neuson, Tenneco, Case New Holland, and Andersen Consulting showcased his prowess in implementing growth strategies in challenging market environments. Fluent in English, German, and Spanish, Schulze Vohren expressed his excitement, stating, "My background provides an ideal foundation for taking SAI to its next level of success."

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Cutting-Edge Products: S 36 X RaZor and S 51 SX

SCHWING America asserted its position as a world leader in concrete pump design and manufacturing with the release of two cutting-edge truck-mounted boom pump models – the S 36 X RaZor and the S 51 SX. Featuring a five-section RZ boom design, these models provide unparalleled maneuverability and low unfolding heights, enabling concrete pumping in even the most challenging spaces. Tom Oury, regional sales manager at SCHWING America, emphasized the significance of the RZ boom technology, stating, "Not every job site is created equal. RZ boom technology provides another option for customers to make laying concrete easy and efficient, even in hard-to-reach locations."

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Tax Advantage and Bonus Depreciation

In response to the changing economic landscape, SCHWING America capitalized on the bonus depreciation tax incentive, which allowed companies to accelerate depreciation on equipment purchases and lower their tax liability. This incentive will be phased out from 2023 to 2026, and SCHWING emphasized the importance for customers and partners to be aware of these changes. This strategic move showcased SCHWING America's commitment to supporting its customers in navigating the evolving financial landscape.

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SCHWING Demo Days: Showcasing Innovation

To engage with its customers and showcase its latest innovation, SCHWING America organized Demo Days, offering real-world demonstrations of the S 51 SX pump at its factory. The events included machine walkarounds, a customer feedback meeting, a factory tour, and a customer appreciation dinner. This hands-on approach allowed SCHWING America to connect with its customers, receive direct feedback, and demonstrate the capabilities of its equipment.

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Powering Monumental Construction Projects

SCHWING America played a pivotal role in two ambitious construction projects. Firstly, the company partnered with Fleming & Sons Concrete Pumping, Inc., for the construction of the Gaylord Pacific Resort and Convention Center in Chula Vista, California. Tim Gottenbos, Fleming’s Equipment Manager, highlighted the company's commitment to quality and safety, stating, "With SCHWING’s help, we provide outstanding services for projects of any magnitude." Read more here.

The second project involved Fisher Industries contributing to the construction of the VAI Resort in Glendale, Arizona. Mike Scronce, Project Manager from Fisher Industries, noted the unique challenges of the project and emphasized their expertise in handling large-scale concrete pouring using SCHWING machines. Read more here.

Informative Published Articles

As a valuable resource for its customers, SCHWING America published insightful articles on its website. The articles covered topics such as pump repairs, with veteran inspectors Mike and Jerry Anderson emphasizing the importance of high-quality repairs in maintaining a pump's value. Another article focused on the essential aspects of concrete pump construction, highlighting the importance of materials and manufacturing practices for durability, reliability, and safety on job sites.

Testimonials: Voices of Satisfaction

SCHWING America received positive testimonials from partners and satisfied customers, underscoring the company's commitment to quality products and exceptional service. Testimonial videos and interviews with industry professionals, including Mike Post of JDE Concrete, Adam Philippson of American Concrete Pumping, Samantha Ruttura of Our Rental Pumps, and Jessica Tatroe of Royevnoc Material Placement, provided genuine insights into the positive experiences of SCHWING customers.

In a testimonial video from Double Eagle’s Watt Whatley, the former pro golfer drew parallels between success in golf and concrete placement, highlighting SCHWING's role in achieving business success.

2023 has indeed been a year of remarkable achievements for SCHWING America. Going into 2024 and beyond, at Schwing America we remain committed to continue to deliver products to the concrete pumping and material conveying industries that set industry standards with respect to safety, longevity, and ease of operation.As the year unfolds, the company remains committed to driving innovation, constantly striving to deliver friendly and responsive customer support at the end we only thrive if our customers thrive.