Effective June 1st Schwing America/CPR Service labor rate is $158 hr. This rate includes Field Service, Shop, Boom Inspection, and Radio Repair. The original service rate applies to jobs in progress.


Build the proper foundation of Knowledge.

Come to a Schwing Service Seminar and gain a deeper understanding of maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety. Schwing Service Seminars are divided into two levels to fit your needs. We start with classroom basics and move all the way through hands-on troubleshooting. Get the most out of your equipment today by attending a Schwing Service Seminar.

Seminar fees include lunch and transportation between Schwing and the hotel, transportation from the airport and the hotel is not included. Attendees will also receive the Service Manual on CD-ROM along with a printed copy of the Training Manual. Airfare, hotel and evening meals are not included.

Signing Up is Simple!

We will process your application and send you a seminar confirmation along with lodging information and maps from the airport to the hotel and Schwing facility. (NOTE: We will make the hotel reservation for you. All students stay at our designated hotel. Rates per evening are approximately $80.00 plus tax.)

Fly into Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. Attendees should plan to arrive the Sunday prior to their class and depart the following Friday. It is the attendees’ responsibility to get to and from the airport. Cab fare from the airport to the hotel is approximately $50.00.
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Designed for


Reading Hydraulic Schematics
Troubleshooting with Schematics
(Hydraulic and Electrical)
Setting Pressure
Proper Procedure for Changing Rams
Material Cylinder Alignment
Changing Differential
Cylinder Rod Packings
Rock Valve Maintenance
Concrete Pump Maintenance
Safe Operating Procedures
Hands-on Troubleshooting

Designed for

Advanced Mechanics

Review of Intermediate Topics
Basic Load Sensing Circuits
Advanced Troubleshooting with
Schematics (Hydraulic and Electrical)
Radio Remote Troubleshooting
MPS Systems
Emergency Job Site Repairs
Safe Operating Procedures
Hands-on Troubleshooting

Designed for


Reading Hydraulic Schematics
Troubleshooting with Schematics
(Hydraulic and Electrical)
Setting Pressures
Proper Procedure for
Changing Rams
Material Cylinder Alignment
Changing Differential Cylinder Rod Packings
Rock Valve Maintenance
Concrete Pump Maintenance
Safe Operating Procedures
Hands-on Troubleshooting


Cost: $1125 per person


Cost: $1175 per person

March 14th - 17th

Cost: $1125 per person

Designed for

Advanced Mechanics

Basic Hydraulic & Electrical Training
Troubleshooting with Schematics (Hydraulic and Electrical)
Wear Parts & General Machine Maint.
Emergency Operating Procedures
Hands on Troubleshooting
Using Nomograpghs

Designed for

Operators & Mechanics

Basic Electrical Terminology
Reading Vector Schematics
Component Designations
Understanding CAN BUS
Identifying System Sensors
Reading e-plan Drawings
Function & Adjustment of Vector Controls
Troubleshooting Using Vector Controls
Hands on EASy Training

March 21st - 24th

Cost: $1175 per person


Field Training

If you don’t have time to come to one of our Factory Service Seminars. Then let us come to you. Schwing offers on-site training for Schwing boom trucks, line pumps, material handling pumps and fire trucks. One of our qualified training instructors will come to your facility and provide a tailored training program to suit your needs.

Contact Jorge Gonzalez at (651) 429-0999 for details and cost.


Green Shield Warranty
– Priceless Peace of Mind

What is the measure of concrete pump quality?
The willingness of the manufacturer to back the product with the best warranty in the business. The Green Shield One Year Warranty is standard with all boom pump models. Schwing’s Green Shield Plus Warranty extends that coverage for two extra years for a nominal fee. It’s only fitting that the best pump comes with the best warranty, and that’s priceless peace of mind.

Because Your Business Can’t Wait
Authorized Schwing dealers plus factory parts and service professionals at our Call Center and $40 million in parts inventory – that’s Schwing’s Green Shield Parts and Service protection that no other pump manufacturer can match. Call 24 hours a day six days a week for the best technical service support. And with Schwing service techs located in strategic parts of the country, we’re close if you need hands-on service. This level of customer support has been the foundation of our customer loyalty for more than 35 years.

CAT Engine Warranty Registration

Schwing SP owners should register for their CAT engine warranty as soon as they get their pump to start their warranty protection. This warranty is included with your Schwing stationary pump and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Insist on a Schwing Certified Boom Inspection!

Not all independent inspectors are certified. Call our service department today for a list of Schwing certified inspectors.

Periodic inspections according to ASME standard B30.27-2009 include complete visual inspection of all structural areas, including:

• Booms (all sections)
• Pedestal (tower)
• Outriggers
• Main column and turret
• Hydraulic cylinders, lines and tubing, holding valves
• Safety decals
• Boom rests, steps, boom guide brackets, etc.
• Pin and bearing clearances

As per ASME B30.27-2009 Standard 27-2.1.3 Periodic Inspections 27-, complete inspection of the material placing boom and structural support system shall be performed by a qualified person at the intervals listed below:

• First 5 years: every 2,000 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)
• 5 to 10 years: every 1,000 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)
• 10 years and older: every 500 working hours, or at least once per year (whichever occurs first)

Schwing Approved Boom Inspection and Boom Repair Companies

To Schedule A Boom Inspection Email: or call 651-653-5438.

Concrete Pump Repair
a SCHWING company
Mike Newman
North Branch, MN


Basem Atih
Baltimore MD, 21234


Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd.
Madeleine Kroszkin
Brampton, ON. Canada
905-789-1326 Ext.311

Klein Welding Services
Adam Klein
Denver, CO

R. Walker LLC.
Robert Walker
Des Moines, IA.

G & T Truck Repair
77 Apple Court Suite C
Applegate, CA 95703


Rupert Alanis
Houston, TX

“With today’s extra long reaching booms and the higher strength steels being used, the correct repair
procedures and standards must be followed to insure the structural integrity of the repair.”
– Jeff Popa

Technical Videos


Q. What type and grade of oil is used in Schwing hydraulics?
A. There are several Brands of ISO VG46 hydraulic oil approved for use. Consult the service manual for other brands.

Q.What factors would you consider when offered a “cheaper” oil?
A. Is it cheaper through lower supply and transport costs? Is it less highly refined? Does it contain less effective additives? Are the additives compatible with those currently in use? See our oil recommendations.

Q. What is the soil pressure of the outrigger for my machine?
A. Since the 1980’s Schwing has installed a decal on each outrigger with the maximum outrigger load in lbs. The formula for the soil pressure is: Maximum outrigger load(lbs.) ÷ Area of soil contact(sq/in.)= Soil pressure(psi.)

Q. Can I check the Nitrogen charge in an accumulator system with out an accumulator Charge Kit?
A. Yes, If you watch the accumulator hydraulic gauge closely as you hit an e stop button to disengage the e top system the gauge will start to drop slowly, at a certain pressure the gauge will drop to zero at a faster pace. The pressure at which the gauge changes is the amount of Nitrogen charge in the accumulator bladder.

Q. What is the maximum amp draw of the electric motor on my SPB power pack or electric stationary pump?
A. All electric motors have the maximum current draw listed on the motor tag. If you do not have access to the tag you can use the following formula. All 460 volt 3 phase motors draw a maximum of 1.2 amps per horsepower. Example a 30 horse SPB motor operating on 460 Volt 3 phase the maximum amp draw would be 30 X 1.2= 36 amps. Also Once you know the maximum amperage you can ask for a power source that is 125% of the maximum or in this case you would need a 45 amp service.